Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level With Our Google Ads Management

Maximum Your Google Ads Return By Only Showing Your Ads When Your Prospects Are Searching To Buy Your Products Or Services
Warm Enquiries With Google Ads PPC Advertising

Optimise Your Google Ads Campaign Over Time For Maximum Performance

Optimise your Google Ads campaign over time for maximum performance to get the best return.

Ensure your Ads always stay in the ideal position in Google to get clicks but not costing you a fortune.

Ensure your Google Ads are only shown when your potential customers are online, searching for your products or services.

increases warm enquiries

The BeClicked.Online Google Ads Monthly Management
Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level

Whether you have tried Google Ads before with no success or you’re not too sure what Google Ads is, we can help you.

With over 10 years experience, we’ll setup your Google Ads campaign the right way, highly targeted to your services and will maximise your return.

Don’t miss out…be at the top of the Google Search Engine, in front of your competitors, to get your potential customers to your website to enquire about your products and services.

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To get the best from your Google Ads campaign, here’s some of what we optimise:

  • Regular checks to ensure all campaigns are performing correctly.

  • Optimisation of each keyword's 'maximum cost per click' (CPC) against the Ad position to ensures each Ad is in the optimum position to achieve good 'click through rates' from Google to your website, while not spending too much on the 'cost per clicks'.

  • Analysis and optimisation of 'Actual Search Terms' used by searchers in Google to improve performance and cost. Turning non-relevant Search Terms 'negative' to ensure your Ads are not shown for unrelated searches. Also adding new relevant Search Terms within the relevant campaign.

  • Analysis of all 'Keywords', 'Clicks', 'Impressions', 'Click Through Rates', 'Cost Per Clicks', 'Overall Cost' and so much more, to then optimise the campaign, to increase targeted 'Clicks' (visitors) from Google to your website with the lowest 'Cost Per Clicks'.

  • Split test Ad's per keyword to ensure the best Ads are shown to get the best 'Clicks' and 'Click Through Rates' from Google to your website.

  • Tracking and reporting website conversions to sales / sales enquiries to achieve higher campaign optimisation and performance to get the best from your Google Ads campaigns. (Note: Website tracking already needs to be setup or we can set up at a small fee)

  • Provide full campaign analysis and report - provided once a month on the Google Ads performance, so you can clearly understand how well Google Ads is working for your business.

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What Happens When You Order...

When you place your Google Ads order, this is the process we go through to optimise and manage your Google Ads campaigns for success:

Place Your Order

To benefit from a highly optimised Google Ads campaign, scroll down to the bottom of this page and place your order.

Fill Out Your Details

To set up a campaign for your requirements, we have some questions we need you to answer.

Finalise Your Campaign Details

We'll double check all the info we've received in order to get started and will contact you should we need further information.

We Start Optimising Your Google Ads Campaign

We'll get to work, optimising your Google Ads campaigns to get the best performance for the best return for your business.

Monthly Management Report

Within the first 5 working days of each calendar month, We send you our fully detailed monthly report.

Our Google Ads monthly management report enable you to clearly see how Google Ads is performing from one month to the next and your return on your investment for your business.

Order Your Google Ads Management To Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level

Order your Google Ads monthly management to get your website in front of more potential customers looking to buy your products or services at the right time, maximising your return.

When you place your order, we will ask a few simple questions so we can get to work optimising your Google Ads campaign for maximum results.

As soon as we receive your information, we get to work optimising your Google Ads campaigns to get the best performance for your business.

We send you a fully detailed report within the first 5 working days of each calendar month.

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Warm Enquiries With Google Ads PPC Advertising

Google Ads Monthly Management

£ 197 Monthly Payment
  • Full Google Ads Account Optimisation
  • Up To £5000 Google Ads Spend
  • Monthly Reports

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

We want all our customers to get value from the work we provide.

If you’re not happy with your campaign setup we’ll do our best to fix it! If you’re still not happy simply request a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

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Saving Me Both Time & Money!

“I used to manage my own Google Adwords account, but after bringing in BeClicked Online, our Google Adwords account is a lot more efficient – saving me both time & money!

Would definitely recommend.”

Christian Thomsen

More Enquiries At The Fraction Of The Cost

"We used Google ads before and we thought it worked for us, until we used BeClicked Online to set up a campaign. We now get more enquiries at the fraction of the cost and the enquiries are now from the Midlands."

Lee Scott
Midlands Garage Doors

Already Seen More Activity

"We tried to do Google Ads campaigns ourselves, but we seemed to spend a load of money with just a couple of enquiries. Now it's setup the right way were already seen more activity on our website."

Finley Gardner
Car Repair UK

Steady Flow Of Car Finance Enquiries Every Month

“We needed a way to get people looking for car finance to our business. The SEO Gang set up a Google Ads campaign and very soon we started receiving car finance enquiries. We now get a steady flow of car finance enquiries every month.”

Daryl Baker
Holmesdale Finance

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