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“We needed a way to get people looking for car finance to our business. BeClicked Online set up a Google Ads campaign and very soon we started receiving car finance enquiries. We now get a steady flow of car finance enquiries every month.”

Daryl Baker, Holmesdale Finance

Warm Enquiries With Google Ads PPC Advertising

Send Hot Buyers To Your Website To Purchase Your Services

As more people start searching for products and services in Google, your business needs to be at the top.

But, set up your Google Ads campaign wrong and you’ll just spend money with nothing to show for it.

However, set up your Google Ads the right way and you’ll send hot buyers to your website to purchase your services.

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How Google Ads Works...

Google ads (at the top of the Google Search Engine) is a great way to get highly targeted visitors to your website looking to purchase your products or service.

With a relevant and compelling Google Ad at the top of Google for the right ‘Keywords’, your potential customers will click your Ad, looking to buy from you.

With your potential customers sent to a relevant and compelling website page, they will enquire to your company.

As the enquiry is from someone already searching for your product or service, then it’s a warm lead wanting to be sold to for the right product.

With a well set up campaign, Google ads advertising can be an extremely profitable way to increase new customers to your company to grow your business.

It really is as simple as this.

So Why Doesn't Google Ads Work For Me?

Many businesses are juggling too many day-to-day tasks or just focused on their area of expertise to keep their business moving forward.

Many businesses understand the importance of advertising on the Google Search Engine, so they set up their own Google Ads campaign, hoping to bring in enquiries and leads to turn into business, profit and revenue.

With little to no Google Ads experience, along with juggling all the other day-to-day business tasks, their Google Ads campaign typically just ends up spending their money, with little to no return.

After a few weeks of just spending money on Google Ads and much frustration, they decide that advertising in Google just doesn’t work.

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We Provide Google Ads Services That Send Targeted New Customers To Your Company To Grow Your Business

We realise how important it is for businesses to get leads and enquiries.

As a PPC Agency specialising in Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, we know how beneficial Google Ads is at getting these, but how difficult it is to make Google Ads work.

To help local businesses, we provide our expertise in a range of services to help you get the results you need for your business.

Choose One Of Our Services To Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level

Google Ads Setup

Google Ads Set Up Is Fundamental To Success.

Give your Google Ads campaign every chance of success with a campaign that's set up the right way.

Let us set up your Google Ads the right way

Google Ads Management

The more targeted and relevant campaign, the higher the website conversions and the less you pay to Google.

We optimise your campaigns to increase visits and enquiries through your website at the lowest price.

Google Ads Audit

So you've set up your own Google Ads campaigns, but you wonder, have I set up the campaign correctly and are they performing to the best of their ability.

We tell you exactly how your campaign is working and what you can do to improve.

If In Doubt What Google Ads Service You Need, Contact Us To Help You

If you have any doubt on the service you need to get the best out of your Google Ads, contact us to guide you in our best service for your business.

Click the button below to speak with Richard, our Search Engine Marketing Expert. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are the answers to the question we get asked the most. Click on each question to see the answer.

Google Ads is an ad platform where you show Ads relevant to your products or services either on the Google search engine or on a range of websites throughout the internet.

The way ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising works, your Ad is shown many times, but you only get charged when someone clicks on your Ad and taken to your website.

Google Ads works as an Auction, the more you pay per click, the higher in the Google search engine your Ad will appear.

With SEO, the Google spiders crawl websites and rank each site depending on how relevant and authoritative they are to various words, range of words or topics.

Yes, Google Ads does work, but its crucial your campaigns are set up correctly.

With an incorrect Google Ads campaign, your Ads can appear, and be clicked on, for search terms that are not relevant to your products or services, costing you money and reducing your return.

We ensure your Google Ads campaigns are extremely targeted to your products or services, from the search term typed into Google, your Ad shown in Google and your website landing page.

With an extremely targeted and congruent campaign, provides targeted visitors to a targeted website landing page, increasing your return.

Yes, of course, but it’s crucial the Google Ads campaigns are set up, managed and optimised over time to be extremely targeted to your products or services.

For example, your ad only shows when a potential customer is searching to buy your product or service and sends those potential customers to a targeted website landing page.

There are many variables in Google Ads, such as the search terms people type into Google, the keywords and Ads set up in Google Ads, the times, days and locations your Ads get shown.

It’s essential your Google Ads are in the best positions and only show in the areas and times with the right keywords (search terms) to get the best performance to maximise your return.

The only way to achieve the best performance to maximise your return is ongoing management and optimisation.

Your daily budget will depend on how frequently Google shows your Ads during the day.

If your daily budget is smaller than the number of daily searches for the keywords set up in Google Ads, then Google will spread showing your Ads throughout the day.

When you search to see your Ads in Google, you may be searching when Google decides not to show your Ads due to a limitation on your daily budget.

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