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Make Immediate Tweaks Now To Maximise Performance And Increase Your Return

Improve your own Google Ads campaigns, making immediate tweaks and changes over time to maximise performance and increase your return.

Our Google Ads Experts analyse your campaigns and provide a comprehensive video and PDF report on what you need to change and work on over time.

Learn Exactly What To Change To Maximise Your Google Ads Performance

So you’ve either set up your own Google Ads campaign, but you’re finding that you’re just spending money without generating any sales or enquiries. Or, you may be wondering if you’ve set up the campaign correctly to achieve the desired results.

Get feedback from a Google Ads expert to assess how well your Google Ads campaign is set up.

Find out what changes need to be made or adjusted over time to improve performance and increase sales and enquiries from your Google Ads campaigns.

We will analyse your Google Ads campaigns and provide a comprehensive video and PDF report on the necessary changes to be made now and the areas to focus on in the future.

To maximise the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign, we will analyse and provide feedback on the following aspects:

Campaign Overview Analysis

We examine various campaign metrics, such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate, overall cost, conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. This analysis helps us understand the overall performance of the campaign.

Ad Group Performance Analysis

Within the campaign, we carefully assess the metrics of each ad group and provide feedback on their current performance.

Keyword Performance Analysis

In each ad group, we evaluate the performance and relevance of each keyword to ensure optimal results.

Ads (Including Extensions) Performance Analysis

Within each ad group, we analyse the performance and relevance of each ad and extensions set up. This helps us optimise the effectiveness of your ads.

Overall Campaign / Ad Group / Ads / Keyword / Landing Page Setup and Settings

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the overall setup of the campaign, including each ad group, keyword, and landing page. Our goal is to maximise performance and make strategic recommendations.

Landing Page Analysis

We analyse the landing page where visitors are directed and offer suggestions and recommendations to enhance conversions, such as enquiries and leads.

Conversion Tracking (tracking enquiries and leads through your landing page)

We assess any conversion tracking implemented on your landing page and provide suggestions and recommendations to maximise performance.

Actual Search Term Analysis

We analyse the search terms visitors type into Google and click on your ad to ensure their relevance to the ad and landing page. This helps us maintain alignment and improve performance.

Campaign Ad Schedule Analysis

We analyse the ad schedule for each campaign, examining data metrics by day and hour to optimise performance.

Campaign Location Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the locations where your ads are displayed, including city, county, and postcode. This analysis helps us maximise performance.

The cost for the above Google Ads Audit is just a one off £200

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