Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level With Our Google Ads Management

Maximise Your Google Ads Return By Only Showing Your Ads When Your Prospects Are Searching To Buy Your Services

“We needed a way to get people looking for car finance to our business. BeClicked Online set up a Google Ads campaign and very soon we started receiving car finance enquiries. We now get a steady flow of car finance enquiries every month.”

Daryl Baker, Holmesdale Finance

Warm Enquiries With Google Ads PPC Advertising

Optimise Your Google Ads Campaign Over Time For Maximum Performance

Optimise your Google Ads campaign over time for maximum performance to get the best return.

Ensure your Ads always stay in the ideal position in Google to get clicks but not costing you a fortune.

Ensure your Google Ads are only shown when your potential customers are online, searching for your products or services.

increases warm enquiries

The BeClicked Online Google Ads Monthly Management
Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level

There are many companies all bidding for the same keywords, trying to get into the top positions in Google Ads.

As soon as the Google Ads Campaign is set up, it’s important to regularly manage the campaign throughout the month to ensure the best performance for the best price is continually achieved.

If your Ad position is too high your cost will increase but if your Ad position is too low your ‘Click Through Rate (CTR)’ (from Google to your website) will reduce.

Optimising your Google Ads campaigns over time will provide an increase in performance and a reduced ‘Cost per Enquiry’

Google ads dashboards

To get the best from your Google Ads campaign, here's some of the areas that we optimise:

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