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Optimise Your Google Ads Campaign Over Time For Maximum Performance

Optimise your Google Ads campaign over time for maximum performance to get the best return.

Ensure your Ads always stay in the ideal position in Google to get clicks but not cost you a fortune.

Ensure your Google Ads campaigns are only shown when potential customers search for your products or services online.

The BeClicked Online Google Ads Monthly Management Take Your Google Ads To The Next Level

There are many companies all bidding for the same keywords, trying to get into the top positions in Google Ads.

As soon as the Google Ads Campaign is set up, it’s important to regularly manage the campaign throughout the month to ensure the best performance for the best price is continually achieved.

If your Ad position is too high your cost will increase but if your Ad position is too low your ‘Click Through Rate (CTR)’ (from Google to your website) will reduce.

Optimising your Google Ads campaigns over time will provide an increase in performance and a reduced ‘Cost per Enquiry’

To get the best from your Google Ads campaign, here's some of the areas that we optimise:

Regular Campaign Checks And Analysis

We carry out regular checks and analysis to ensure your campaigns are performing to their maximum performance.

Keyword Performance Optimisation

Ensure each Ad is in the optimum position to achieve good ‘click through rates’ from Google to your website, while not spending too much on the ‘cost per clicks’.

‘Actual Search Terms’ Analysis & Optimisation

Turning non-relevant Search Terms ‘negative’ to ensure your Ads are not shown for unrelated searches. Also adding new relevant Search Terms within the relevant campaign.

Overall Performance Analysis

Analysis of all ‘Keywords’, ‘Clicks’, ‘Impressions’, ‘Click Through Rates’, ‘Cost Per Clicks’, and ‘Overall Costs’ to increase targeted ‘Clicks’ (visitors) to your website.

Ad Performance Analysis

Split test Ad’s per keyword to ensure the best performing Ads are shown to get the best ‘Clicks’ and ‘Click Through Rates’ from Google to your website.

Conversion Optimisation

Analysis of conversions over various metrics to stop Ads showing for non-performing keywords, geographical areas and times/days to reduce costs, and increase enquiries.

Our Monthly Management Increases The Number Of Enquiries And Reduces The Cost Per Enquiry

The main objective of optimising Google Ads campaigns through monthly management is to increase the number of enquiries and reduce the cost per enquiry. This is the main client interest and the primary metric we report on.

Monthly management involves identifying and turning off areas that are not working and just costing money, and enhancing areas that are working to improve performance.

Areas We Analyse And Tweak Over Time To Improve Google Ads Performance.


Check the performance of your keywords, identify new keyword opportunities, and refine your keyword list to improve targeting and ad relevance.

Ad Copy

Optimise the ad copy to ensure it is relevant and performing with a reasonable click-through rate from Google to the landing page.

Ad Extensions

Verify that your ad extensions (such as sitelinks, call extensions, and location extensions) drive desired results.

Quality Score

Monitor and improve your Quality Score, as it directly affects ad position and cost per click. Focus on improving landing page experience, ad relevance, and expected click-through rate.

Bidding Strategy

Assess your bidding strategy to ensure it aligns with your campaign goals. Consider adjusting bids based on performance, device, location, and time of day.

Conversion Tracking

Confirm that conversion tracking is properly set up and functioning correctly. Monitor conversions and adjust bidding and targeting accordingly.

Negative Keywords

Continuously review and update your negative keyword list to avoid irrelevant clicks and improve campaign efficiency.

Ad Position

Monitor your ad position and adjust bids as needed to achieve your desired ad placement.


Analyse your campaign budget to ensure it is sufficient to meet your goals. Allocate budget effectively across campaigns and ad groups.

Geographic Targeting

Review the performance of different geographic locations and adjust your targeting settings accordingly.

Device Performance

Evaluate the performance of your ads on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and adjust bids or ad copy to optimise for each device.

Ad Scheduling

Analyse the performance of your ads at different times of the day and days of the week. Adjust ad scheduling to maximise conversions during high-performing periods.

Competitor Analysis

Monitor the performance and strategies of your competitors. Identify opportunities to differentiate and improve your own campaigns.

Ad Testing

Continuously test different ad variations to optimise click-through rates, conversions, and overall campaign performance.

Landing Page Optimisation

Regularly review and optimise landing pages to improve user experience, relevance, and conversion rates.

By regularly checking and optimising these aspects of your Google Ads campaign, we can improve its performance and achieve better results.

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