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Set Up Your Google Ads Campaign Wrong And You'll Just Spend Money

As more people start searching for products and services in Google, your business needs to be at the top.

But, set up your Google Ads campaign wrong and you’ll just spend money with nothing to show for it.

However, set up your Google Ads the right way and you’ll send hot buyers to your website to purchase your services.

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Google Ads Set Up Is Fundamental To Success
Poorly Set Up Google Ads Is Destined To Lose Money

Set up your Google Ads campaign incorrectly and your destined to spend money with little to no return.

These are the most common campaign setup mistakes:

  • Displaying your Ads in Google for keywords that are not relevant to your services.Costly
  • Setup one campaign for all networks (Google, Search Partners and Display).Broad
  • Displaying your Ads outside the Geographical locations you serve.Wasteful
  • Not scheduling your Ads when you're available to receive enquiries and your potential buyers are online.Wasteful
  • Not choosing the correct bidding strategy for your Advertising goals.
  • Not setting up tracking of enquiries so you know what's working and what's not.Criminal
  • Not split testing two or more Ads to improve 'Click Through Rates' From Google to your website.
  • Showing Ads that are not relevant and compelling to the services you're promoting.
  • Sending potential buyers to a website page that's not relevant or too general to the services you're promoting.
  • Website page or landing page with no 'Call To Action (CTA)' and with no clear way to contact you.Critical

If your Google Ads campaigns do any of the above then there’s a good chance you’re losing money

Google Ads Campaigns Set Up The Right Way Are Highly Targeted To Your Services To Send Warm Buyers To Your Website

Give your Google Ads campaign every chance of success with a campaign that’s setup the right way:

Setup The Right Keywords For Success

Research and setup the right keywords, with good commercial intent, in tightly themed Ad Groups, to ensure your Google Ad show’s up in the top positions when your potential customers are searching to buy your product or service.​
keyword research
geographical location

Your Geographical Location

Only show Ads to people in the Geographical locations you serve.

Setup One Campaign For One Network

Only setup one campaign for one network. If you want to advertise on the Google Search Engine, just select the ‘Search Network’
Bidding Strategy
daily budget

Add A Daily Budget That Will Get Clicks

Add a daily budget that you can afford, but also that will show your Ad in the top positions of Google so your Ad gets clicked on

Choose A Bidding Strategy For Your Advertising Goals

Google is very sophisticated and can help you get the best results. Make sure you choose a bidding strategy that fits your advertising goals. Most people want to optimise for webpage conversions, being enquires.
bidding strategy
ad schedule

Schedule Your Ads For Maximum Enquiries

Schedule your Google Ads to only show when your business is available to receive enquiries and when your potential buyers will be online

Track What Works And What Doesn't

If you don’t track what works, you can’t improve, therefore setting up tracking of how people enquire through your webpage is critical to the success of your Google Ads campaign
conversion tracking
google ads

Google Ads That Want To Be Clicked On

Ensure your Ads in Google are compelling and offering benefits relevant to what your potential customer is searching for

Maximise Performance With Ad Split Testing

Setup two Google Ads or more to split test to find the best Ad over time and to increase performance and maximise your return
split testing
website landing page

A Webpage Relevant To The Search And Your Google Ad

Ensure your webpage that your potential customer visits is just focused on the product or service that they searched for in Google, explaining the main benefits that you highlighted in your ad.

Tell Your Prospective Customer How And Why They Should Contact You

Ensure your webpage has a simple clear way your potential buyers can contact you to enquire about your product or service, and tell them how and why they should contact you.
call to action CTA
If you are not advertising in the Google Search Engine, you are missing out in getting your company in front of people wanting to buy your products or services, leaving them to do business with your competitors.

Get the above in place and Google Ads will work for you and your business

The BeClicked.Online Google Ads Campaign Setup
Get Up And Running The Right Way

Whether you have tried Google Ads before with no success or you’re not too sure what Google Ads is, we can help you.

With over 10 years experience, we’ll setup your Google Ads campaign the right way, highly targeted to your services and will maximise your return.

Don’t miss out…be at the top of the Google Search Engine, in front of your competitors, to get your potential customers to your website to enquire about your products and services.

Google ads dashboards

To get the best from your Google Ads campaign, here’s what we set up for you:

  • Setup Google Ad Account

  • Keyword Research - we research keywords highly relevant to your Product or Service

  • Campaign Setup - highly targeted to one product or service (and 1 location)

  • Ad Group Setup - product or service keyword themed (using the right keyword match types for optimum performance)

  • Optimal Campaign Bidding Strategy

  • 3 x Compelling Ads Per Ad Group - relevant to your product or service - rotating for best performance

  • Benefit Statements (Callout Extensions) - to entice searchers to click

  • Additional Ad Links (Site-Link Extensions) - to link to other webpages

  • Call Extension - so you can receive calls right from your Ad

  • Webpage Check - to ensure suitable and relevant (we may suggest any changes to maximise performance)

To get the best from your Google Ads campaign, here’s what we set up for you:

  • 7 day Campaign Optimisation - we manage your campaigns to ensure maximise performance

  • 7 Day Chat Support - to ensure your piece of mind and answer any question you may have

  • 7 Day Performance Report - to show you how the campaign is performing and show you your next steps to maximise performance for your business

Order Your ‘Google Ads The Right Way’ Today Or Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

What Happens When You Order...

When you place your Google Ads order, this is the process we go through to delivering your Google Ads campaign, done the right way for your success:

Place Your Order

You choose your package based on the number of campaigns you require (1 campaign per product or service). Complete your payment.

Fill Out Your Details

To set up a campaign for your requirements, we have some questions we need you to answer.

This is a great time to let us know about the services you offer, your daily budget, your operating hours, any offers or guarantees you have, reasons for standing out, what pages on your website to send visitors to and your contact information.

Finalise Your Campaign Details

We'll double check all the info we've received in order to get started and contact you should we need further information.

We Set Up Your Campaign Correctly

We'll get to work on your campaign using the info you provided.

Turn around time is typically 3 working days but we'll notify you at the time of order if workloads dictate.

We Deliver Your Google Ads Campaign

We'll contact you to let you know your campaign is set up and ready to go.

Your campaign will be paused on delivery until you've checked it over. Once you give us the go ahead we'll make it live. If we've set up a Google account for you then we'll send over the details.

Our 7 Days Optimisation, Support and Performance Report

Within 7 days from the campaign going live, we check your campaign and make small tweaks to ensure its performing well.

Within this time you can contact us via our chat support to ask us any questions.

At the end of the 7 days we send you a '7 Day Performance Report' that shows you how the campaign is performing and your next steps to maximise performance.

Order Your Google Ads Campaign Setup Today And Start Seeing Results

Order your Google Ads campaign setup today to get your website in front of your potential customers that are looking to buy your products or services, and benefit from warm leads and enquiries from the Google Search Engine.

When you place your order, we will contact you to ask you a few questions to enable us to setup your Google Ads campaign for maximum results.

As soon as we receive your information, your Google Ads campaign will be setup and live within 3 working days.

To get started, choose a plan that’s right for you

Warm Enquiries With Google Ads PPC Advertising

1 x Google Ads Campaign Setup

£ 47 One Payment
  • Account Setup
  • 1 x Service or Product Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • 1 x Ad Group Per Campaign
  • 3 x Ads Per Ad Group
  • 4 x Callout Ad Extensions
  • 4 x Sitelink Ad Extensions
  • 1 x Call Ad Extension
  • 7 Days Optimisation, Support and Performance Report

3 x Google Ads Campaigns Setup

£ 97 One Payment
  • Account Setup
  • 3 x Service or Product Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • 1 x Ad Group Per Campaign
  • 3 x Ads Per Ad Group
  • 4 x Callout Ad Extensions
  • 4 x Sitelink Ad Extensions
  • 1 x Call Ad Extension
  • 7 Days Optimisation, Support and Performance Report

3 x Google Ads Campaigns With 3 x Ad Groups Per Campaign Setup

£ 147 One Payment
  • Account Setup
  • 1 x Service or Product Campaign
  • Deeper Keyword Research
  • 3 x Ad Group Per Campaign
  • 3 x Ads Per Ad Group
  • 4 x Callout Ad Extensions
  • 4 x Sitelink Ad Extensions
  • 1 x Call Ad Extension
  • 7 Days Optimisation, Support and Performance Report

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

We want all our customers to get value from the work we provide.

If you’re not happy with your campaign setup we’ll do our best to fix it! If you’re still not happy simply request a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

Need Help And Advice
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are the answers to the question we get asked the most. Click on each question to see the answer.

Once you place your order you will receive an email within one hour requesting information to enable us to setup the Google Ads campaign. Once we receive your information the Google Ads campaign will be setup and live within 3 working days.

You will need to pay Google every time your potential customers click on your Google Ad. This payment is done direct to Google within your Google Ads account that you need to setup. We can help you set this up.

The cost that Google charges of a searcher clicking on your Ad can range from £1 to £10 plus (average being £3 to £5) therefore its difficult to predict how much you will spend. We recommend a minimum of £500 per month (£17 per day), but you only pay Google when your potential customers click on your Google Ad.

No, for the Google Ads Starter Package, we setup a very tight campaign where your Google Ad only shows up for keywords that we know are very targeted to your product or service. However, after the ‘7 Day Campaign Optimisation’ we do recommend you periodically check to see how well the campaign is performing.

You do. We set up the campaign in your company Google Ads account. You should already have a Google Account that we use to set up Google Ads, but if you don’t then we can set one up for you.

There are several variables that means we cannot guarantee the campaign will send you leads and enquiries. One of those variables is how well your website page converts visitors into leads and enquiries, which we do check and make suggestions for you to improve your website page.

If your website page is not converting visitors into leads and enquiries then there are other options that we can suggest that will send you leads and enquiries.

Our Google campaigns are setup with no additional work required. To do this, the campaigns need to be setup fairy conservative, but still very effective.

The benefit of someone managing a Google Ads campaign means they can carry out more aggressive testing, such as finding more targeted keywords to get more targeted visitors to your website that convert into leads and enquiries, along with other areas.

No, the price’s you see on this page are for us to setup your Google Ads campaign the right way. You will need to setup payment directly with Google to run your Ads.

If you have any questions that you need answers before you are happy to place an order then please do not hesitate to contact us

If You Have Any Other Questions Or Queries, Contact Us To Help You

If you have any questions or queries, please do contact our support to help you further.

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“I used to manage my own Google Adwords account, but after bringing in BeClicked Online, our Google Adwords account is a lot more efficient – saving me both time & money!

Would definitely recommend.”

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More Enquiries At The Fraction Of The Cost

"We used Google ads before and we thought it worked for us, until we used BeClicked Online to set up a campaign. We now get more enquiries at the fraction of the cost and the enquiries are now from the Midlands."

Lee Scott
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Already Seen More Activity

"We tried to do Google Ads campaigns ourselves, but we seemed to spend a load of money with just a couple of enquiries. Now it's setup the right way were already seen more activity on our website."

Finley Gardner
Car Repair UK

Steady Flow Of Car Finance Enquiries Every Month

“We needed a way to get people looking for car finance to our business. The SEO Gang set up a Google Ads campaign and very soon we started receiving car finance enquiries. We now get a steady flow of car finance enquiries every month.”

Daryl Baker
Holmesdale Finance

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