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Build Your Company Asset For Long Term Growth With Our SEO Birmingham Services

With the right SEO strategy for your company, you can help your potential customers easily find your business to boost your brand’s visibility and increase warm leads and enquiries.

With a decade of SEO experience working with businesses in various industries, we have become an established search engine optimisation agency.

Our SEO team implement the right strategy to drive the best traffic to your website and increase your website results with our Birmingham SEO offering.

Increase Targeted Traffic To Increase Leads & Sales

As people search in Google every day, looking to buy services, your website in the top Google positions will generate more website visitors, increasing the number of enquiries and sales.

If your website is not at the top of page 1 of the Google search engine, you are missing out on potential customers. We can create a cost-effective SEO strategy to ensure you get results with an increase in RoI.

Our SEO strategies produce revenue-shifting results designed for lead generation.

Birmingham Businesses Need Search Engine Optimisation

The Google search engine is the main place people go to when searching for a product or service. With your website ranked at the top search engine positions will send more targeted traffic and increase your brand’s visibility.

Birmingham has over 70,000 businesses and a local economy that’s worth over £110 Billion, ranking your website for a search term that includes the word Birmingham is not an easy task.

Within the city of Birmingham for every 1000 people, there are 89 businesses and all fighting for Google’s number 1 spot in their industry.

Our SEO consultants work tirelessly to ensure your company website gets found by your customers before your competitors do.

From Local To National SEO Our Team Delivers Results

Our SEO agency specifically increase the visibility of your company website.

Sending targeted Internet traffic to your website is key to online success, and we are specialists at producing the right SEO strategies to achieve your goals.

Our objective is to work towards our customer’s needs and their business requirements. With years of SEO experience, we excel in providing top services at cost-effective prices to you the results you’re looking for.

If you’re a small company looking to dominate a local town or city, or looking to dominate the first page of Google for national keywords, our Birmingham SEO experts can help you.

Increase your digital marketing return, contact our SEO agency in Birmingham for a chat today.

Local SEO

Drive your website to the top of Google for national keywords skyrocket your sales.

Local SEO is generally less competitive and take from 6 months to benefit.

National SEO

Dominate your local area for increased local sales and enquiries.

National SEO is more competitive, with more websites wanted to get into the top positions, therefore the time to benefit is typically 8 to 12 months

So What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a form of digital marketing. Your website is optimised for terms relevant to your products or services to increase organic search engine traffic to your website.

We are here to help you understand how to get the best from your SEO efforts and improve your website rankings.

Search engine optimisation is typically split into 2 areas: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is ensuring your website content is relevant to the terms that you want to rank for in Google.

As SEO experts, we use best practices in all areas of on-page SEO, to optimise your content, such as metadata, headers, body copy, internal linking and more.

We combine good SEO practices along with providing a good user experience for the visitor to increase your websites targeted traffic.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO are various factors that are off your website that the search engines take into consideration when determining where your website should rank.

The most dominant factor is link building, which our teams have a range of tried and tested outreach marketing strategies to generate authoritative and trusted links to your website.

Links from other websites, or as we call them 'Backlinks', pass authority from other relevant and trusted websites back to your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is ensuring your website is of the highest quality in the eyes of the search engines.

We carry out a full 'SEO Technical Audit', covering areas such as site security, low page speed, duplicate content, low-quality pages and more.

We ensure the search engines love your website

How We Get Your Website To The Top Of The Search Engines?

Our team initially works with you to understand your main website objectives in the search engines. We then work on the following:

  • Understand the best search terms your customers are typing into the search engines
  • Optimise your website content for these exact searches terms
  • Outline any technical issues throughout your website code and content that could potentially affect the increase in your search engine rankings
  • Increase the relevancy, trust and authority of your website to move to the top of the search engines

Is Your Business Website Not Performing In The Search Engines

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